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Alexis Vandenbon

Computational biologist

Lecturer ("講師" in Japanese)
Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences
Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences
Kyoto University
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I am always looking for future students and collaborators to work together.
Please contact me at alexisvdb % (replace % with @)

Research Interests

My current research is focusing on three topics:

  1. finding interesting genes in single-cell transcriptome data (see singleCellHaystack on GitHub and CRAN, or the publication)
  2. genome-wide inference of gene regulatory networks from large-scale gene expression data
  3. analysis of stimulus-induced changes in epigenetic markers and their effect on transcription
In addition, I have been involved in many interdisciplinary collaborations, especially involving the field of immunology.

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Since 2017 I am teaching statistics, data analysis, bioinformatics, and R programming in Kyoto University.

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Carreer Summary

2017-present: Lecturer, INFRONT, Kyoto University
2014-2017: Unit leader of the Immuno-Genomics Research Unit, IFReC, Osaka University
2012-2017: Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, IFReC, Osaka University
2009-2012: Post-doctoral researcher, IFReC, Osaka University
2009: Ph.D. in the field of Bioinformatics, University of Tokyo
2004: Master of Science in Molecular Biotechnology , Ghent University, Belgium
2003: Master in biochemistry, KHBO Belgium